Wonderful Watercolor Tattoos By A Czech Artist That Solely Does One Tattoo A Day

Watercolor work encourage Ondrej Konupcik’s tattoos. His model has been described as artwork brut, and he doesn’t disagree. His tattoos seem like watercolor work interspersed with sketch traces – he makes use of these to plan his work. Konupcik’s strategies take loads of time, and as such, he solely does one tattoo a day to commit all of his effort and time.

Ondrej Konupcik, who additionally goes by ONDRASH, can also be recognized for his take care of shoppers. “He’d somewhat use the time face-to-face along with his consumer in order that, collectively, they’ll brainstorm the right concept,” one cliented recounted the assembly with 31-year-old Czech. “This meant a lot to me. Somebody who cared sufficient about his work and his shoppers to provide all of them that point. I’d by no means heard of any tattoo artist who does that.”

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“I work on one buyer a day so I’ve sufficient time for every individual”


 “I’ve no catalogs”


“I like to attract tattoos immediately onto pores and skin of the shoppers, as if they’re tailored”


“The client writes me what they want and I draw it for them”


“The traces then completely match with the curves”


“I see it very personally—usually as a legacy of experiences and emotions of my consumer”


“Nearly each tattoo I’ve completed, I may let you know the story behind it”


“It’s my activity within the design course of for example precisely what the consumer has lengthy desired for their very own authentic tattoo”