Will It Beard: Man Places Random Issues In His Beard And Posts It On Tumblr

style=”text-align: justify;”>Not solely does photographer Pierce Thiot have a beautiful thick beard, he has a terrific sense of humour as effectively. He mixed these traits within the “Will It Beard” challenge, which he began along with his spouse, Stacy. The couple places random family objects into Pierce’s beard and takes pictures of the consequence for his or her Tumblr and Instagram profiles.

style=”text-align: justify;”>The photographer defined the origin of this wacky concept to Buzzfeed: “Over Christmas break, my mother had her grandkids do a expertise present for her (she’s an cute grandma). I attempted to place as many pencils as attainable in it for my “expertise”. I obtained over 20. Evidently, my mom was very proud.” Fortunately, a one-time snort shortly became an ongoing light-hearted and enjoyable challenge that we will all get pleasure from.

Supply: Tumblr | Instagram

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