This Seattle Man Has Been Feeding Crows For A number of Years And They Began Bringing Him Presents

Most of us have most likely observed that crows will not be solely majestic and quite menacingly wanting, however they’re additionally fairly good – they will resolve advanced duties and even maintain grudges towards individuals who wronged them! Nevertheless, one man acquired to expertise the nice facet of those good creatures.

Stuart Dahlquist is a 56-year-old chook fanatic from Seattle who has been feeding a household of crows for a couple of years. To his shock, sooner or later they introduced him a novel present, adopted by one other one the subsequent day.

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In an interview with Bored Panda, Stuart mentioned he all the time felt crows are superb creatures. “Birds – all types – have been an actual focal a part of my life; I like watching them, listening to their calls, figuring out them… Oh! And serving to them in the event that they need assistance,” mentioned the chook fanatic. “I’m not an actual ‘birder’ with excessive powered binoculars or something like that however they play an outsized position in my enjoyment of life.”

Stuart has been feeding this crow household for almost four years – they made a nest in a fir tree in his entrance yard and he may hear the infants when the mother and father have been feeding them. Sooner or later he noticed that each crow infants had fallen from the nest and weren’t actually in a position to fly: “We acquired them right into a tree and the mother and father – fairly offended with us truly – took it from there and the little ones survived. We started feeding them quickly after.”

There have been initially 4 crows that Stuart was feeding however, sadly, one was killed by a raccoon a short time in the past.

“Typically once I’m strolling they’ll fly with me, touchdown on the wires and branches above as I amble alongside. Once we get dwelling they prefer to land on the fence and wait to be fed,” mentioned Stuart. “Different occasions they merely “Caw! Caw!” at us… It’s fairly apparent when they need meals.” He normally offers them high-quality dry cat meals with no corn – in accordance with Stuart, for some cause crows aren’t actually keen on corn.

At one level one of many male crow’s leg acquired injured and didn’t heal correctly, so he hops solely on one foot, making him stand out from the others. “I usually want we may do one thing about it however there actually isn’t a approach. He will get round simply nice in any other case,” mentioned Stuart.

Picture credit: StuartDahlquist

“When birds are very younger, they are going to turn into very tame and I had a couple of wild birds as a child; a robin, a magpie. Since I grew to become an grownup, crows have been my companions rather a lot, as effectively. I had one ‘The Decide’ (named after Cormac McCarthy’s character in Blood Meridian) for ten or eleven years,” shared Stuart. “He was actually a beautiful pet and we’d doubtless nonetheless have him if it wasn’t for some raccoons killing him one night time.” He frequently rescued crows whereas he nonetheless had The Decide – one in all them was even rehired to a wild animal coach and now seems in motion pictures!

Not one of the birds Stuart rescued have been taken from their mother and father: “They got here to us as damage, of getting fallen from the nest and couldn’t be returned, or had been deserted. Please don’t ever take a chick from its nest.”

That is Buddy – a rescue crow with a damaged wing.

Picture credit: Stuart Dahlquist

“The Decide hanging round the lounge. He used to offer the opposite pets hell!” joked Stuart.

Picture credit: Stuart Dahlquist

“That is our pet crow ‘The Decide’ taking a shower within the tub”

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Picture credit: StuartDahlquist

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