This Road Artwork Was Painted Upside-Down And Is Seen Appropriately In Its Reflection

style=”text-align: justify;”>Some artwork makes you flip your head. This mural implores you to do one thing much less taxing – simply check out the water. It was made by Lithuanian American artist Ray Bartkus. The portray is deliberately the wrong way up. The actual order of the portray is revealed when it displays on water. The picture we’ve got right here is edited to make the expertise extra vibrant.

style=”text-align: justify;”>To see it in full watery glory, you’ll should go to Marijampolė, Lithuania. The town not too long ago hosted the Malonny artwork competition. The identify is a mishmash of Marijampolė, London and New York, connecting artists from wildly totally different cities. Worldwide artists produced many works of road artwork.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Most of it doesn’t want a mirrored image on the water!

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