This Photographer Requested 16 Artists To Draw His Portrait Images In Their Personal Fashion

Mathieu Stern is a photographer who loves experimenting with all types of fascinating lenses (he even has an unlimited collection of them) and strategies to create his portraits. The photographer says he loves creating pictures that present “a brand new means of trying on the world” and for one in every of his newest tasks, Mathieu collaborated with sixteen artists and had them recreate his portraits in their very own distinctive types.

The photographer bought the thought for this challenge when he found the #DrawThisInYourStyle hashtag on Instagram. “I used to be amazed by the standard of the artwork I noticed and I used to be questioning how I may collaborate with all these superb artists, as I used to be not an illustrator however a photographer,” mentioned Mathieu. He contacted one illustrator and requested her to redraw one in every of his portraits for a Youtube video. She agreed and from the on the photographer began contacting each illustrator he appreciated on Instagram. After a month, Mathieu already had 16 contributors and created a video documenting the entire artists’ work course of.

Try the video and the artists’ recreations of Mathieu’s portraits within the gallery beneath!

Extra data: Mathieu | Instagram | h/t

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