This Optical Phantasm Makes Black And White Photographs Look Coloured

The factor about optical illusions is that they at all times are likely to trick us in artistic but fairly apparent methods. Take this picture of children posing with a turtle that not too long ago went viral all around the web. At first look, it looks as if a fairly bizarre, albeit a little bit bit murky-colored, picture. However in case you take a look at it nearer, you’ll see that it’s really a black and white picture with some coloured grids laid over it. Fairly neat, huh?

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Picture credit: Øyvind Kolås

Picture credit: page_eco

The picture was created by Øyvind Kolås, a digital media artist and software program developer. The trick behind the picture is that the coloured grid type of offers your mind a clue on what the remainder of the picture must be coloured like and it robotically applies colour. Øyvind calls it the ‘colour assimilation grid phantasm’.

Picture credit: Øyvind Kolås

“An over-saturated coloured grid overlaid on a grayscale picture causes the grayscale cells to be perceived as having colour,” the artist explained his phantasm.

Picture credit: Øyvind Kolås

Øyvind went on to point out that it’s not simply grids that create the phantasm. Traces and dots work equally too. In actual fact, the strategy of utilizing dots to make an space look colour has been utilized in comics for fairly a while.

Picture credit: Øyvind Kolås

Picture credit: Manuel Schmalstieg

Picture credit: Øyvind Kolås

Picture credit: hodefoting

Picture credit: MathKyle

See the phantasm in movement within the video beneath

Picture credit: Øyvind Kolås

Individuals had blended opinions about the phantasm