Home Art This Man Made Actual-Life Thor Hammer That Solely He Can Raise

This Man Made Actual-Life Thor Hammer That Solely He Can Raise

This Man Made Actual-Life Thor Hammer That Solely He Can Raise

style=”text-align: justify;”>Thor’s hammer Mjolnir has an superior anti-theft machine in that it may well’t be lifted by the unworthy. A fan recreated this function along with his personal hammer. Not accessing the magic of the Norse gods, he opted to make use of electromagnets (salvaged from a microwave) and a thumbprint scanner. If anybody who doesn’t have their print recorded tries to raise the pseudo-Mjolnir, they will’t – so long as the hammer stays on a steel floor!

style=”text-align: justify;”>The hammer doesn’t return to the wielder’s arm and gained’t get caught to non-metal floor – we most likely want about 20 years of technological and nerd engineer evolution for these options. The hammer was made by YouTube consumer “Sufficiently Superior” (Allen Pan).  The title is a reference to the third legislation of British sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently superior know-how is indistinguishable from magic.”

style=”text-align: justify;”>Extra data: youtube.com (h/t: wired)

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Many have tried to raise Mjolnir…

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…however none succeeded!


Solely the worthy – or the hammer’s creator Allen Pan – can choose it up!


The magic rests primarily in a salvaged microwave electromagnet and a thumbprint scanner.



See why solely the worthy can raise Mjolnir, Hammer Of Thor: