This Household Takes Totally different Varieties Of Christmas Household Photographs

style=”text-align: justify;”>Whereas I’ve by no means posed for a household Christmas card, the Energy household has. And over 5 years of celebrations, they’ve made the fairly the portfolio of wierd Christmas playing cards. No yr is identical for the household, as they’ve dressed up as nation hicks, drag queens, and crab folks from wherever Zoidberg comes from.

style=”text-align: justify;”>The gathering was posted by the son of the household, Andrew Energy, who goes by Cartoon Andrew on reddit and Hellvetika on Instagram. He’s a designer and an illustrator, who “typically fake [sic] to be a drag queen.” That explains the make up that one yr! Oh, and in the event you’re guessing what the gimmick is that this yr, we’ll publish the reply on the finish of the article.

Extra information: instagram | facebook (h/t: reddit)

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That is the Energy Household greeting card for this yr. Can you see the gimmic?






For those who haven’t seen, this yr, Energy household employed a doppleganger to pose because the mom. No person seen.