This French Artist Created 11 Stunning Illustrations Of Historical Egyptian Gods And Goddesses

Yliade is a French freelance illustrator who has been creating artwork from a really younger age. This 12 months she challenged herself to create a sequence of historic Egyptian gods in her personal type.

The artist says she actually enjoys engaged on the designs of every god and tries to respect their attributes and symbolism. From Anubis to Ra – Yliade’s illustrations are merely beautiful. Verify them out within the gallery under!

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#1 Bastet – Goddess Of Domesticity, Girls’s Secrets and techniques, Cats And Fertility

#2 Nut – Goddess Of The Evening-Time Sky And All Heavenly Our bodies

#three Isis – Goddess Of Magic, Marriage, Therapeutic And Safety

#four Anubis – God Of Loss of life, Embalming, Funerals And Morning Ceremonies

#5 Serqet – Goddess Of Scorpions, Therapeutic Venomous Stings And Bites

#6 Seth – God Of Chaos, Change, Deserts, Storms And Foreigners

#7 Thoth – Scribe God Of Time, Data, The Moon And Knowledge

#eight Sobek – Crocodile God Of The Nile, Strenght And Energy

#9 Sekhmet – Goddess Of Lions, Hearth And Vengeance

#10 Anubis – God Of Loss of life (Ii)

#11 Ra – God Of The Solar And Creation