That Second When You Notice That Your Dad and mom Had been Cooler Than You (50 Pics)

Should you’re a kind of individuals who can’t assist however really feel nostalgic in regards to the occasions previous, then these photographs will probably be proper up your alley. As a result of right here we have now classic pictures of oldsters who have been absolute badasses of their youth.

Internauts from everywhere in the world are sharing the finds from their household albums depicting their dad and mom doing the stuff of films and searching cool AF whereas at it.

Possibly there are even cooler pictures laying in your loved ones’s previous photograph albums? Don’t hesitate to share these within the feedback!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 My Mom When She Was A Tank Teacher In 1984

Picture supply: danabre

#2 My Mom Skateboarding Barefoot In California In 1974

Picture supply: jsparks117

#three Late 1960’s, My Dad

Picture supply: cherrycherries

#Four My Dad Sculpting A Bust Of My Mother 1980s

Picture supply: JankyTango

#5 My Mother At 16 Yrs Outdated With Her Camaro In 1975

Picture supply: MorganGanem

#6 A Buddy Of My Father’s, Telling Off A Klan Member. Auburn AL, 1985

Picture supply: ohdaviing

#7 My Dad Being Infinitely Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be (1980)

Picture supply: TheMasterOfDonuts

#eight My Dad, Taken For Surfer Journal. Peru, 1977

Picture supply: fyrebrahnd

#9 My Dad Skateboarding At Hyde College 1982. I Suppose He Was Cooler Than Me

Picture supply: targat2

#10 My Dad Wasn’t Well-known, However His Strikes Had been Fairly Cool (1977)

Picture supply: -lilsebastian

#11 I Discovered A Photograph Of My Dad Cooking A Barbecue On Prime Of A Transferring Submarine

Picture supply: shanbuscus

#12 My Dad’s First Automotive, A 1939 Ford. He Purchased It With His Personal Cash That He Earned Farming (And Drove It Each day). He Was 11 When He Purchased It, So This Photograph Was Taken In 1948

Picture supply: godllub

#13 My Mother In Moscow 1975. From All The Tales She’s Instructed Me About Her Travels, I Wouldn’t Be Stunned If She Was A Spy

Picture supply: smashingmellons

#14 My Dad In Saudi Arabia In The 70’s Working As A US Navy Contractor Diving In The Pink Sea

Picture supply: urs1ne

#15 48 Beers And A Unicycle. My Dad In The Early 80s

Picture supply: skeleton-spotted

#16 My Dad In The 70’s Doing What He Loves. Father To Four Boys. Extra Man Than Fantasy Or Legend

Picture supply: Reallybadat

#17 My Mother When She Lived In Alaska With Her Husky Pet, Okie

Picture supply: tonyjefferson

#18 My Mothers Selfie Earlier than It Was Cool (1989)

Picture supply: cmajorlips

#19 My Mother And Dad On Their Marriage ceremony Day – 1980

Picture supply: ohfuckdood

#20 My Dad Educating Math In Southern California (Late 70’s/Early 80’s)

Picture supply: iCollectSausage

#21 My Mother Skating With A Damaged Wrist In The Late 70’s

Picture supply: thestrokesfan1988

#22 So I Was Going By means of Some Outdated Images And I Discovered This. My Dad Holding Magic Johnson And Wanting Extremely Unhealthy-Ass Whereas Doing It

Picture supply: ILikeBlazing

#23 My Dad In Alaska, Circa 1980. I Hope To Be Half The Man He Is One Day

Picture supply: TrenchcoatTechnocrat

#24 Mother Wasn’t The Pilot, However She Was A Tech On The F-Four Phantom Again In The 80’s

Picture supply: Saintdavus

#25 My Mother Profitable The Pie Consuming Contest By Beating All The Boys, 1950

Picture supply: Talking_Head

#26 My Dad In France Is The ’70s (Ryan Gosling Would possibly Want A Paternity Check)

Picture supply: eluviane

#27 My Mother Working At Nasa, 1974

Picture supply: sumthingabout

#28 Me Wanting Up To My Fighter Pilot Dad In The Late 1980’s

Picture supply: DatingPuppy

#29 My Father In 1982. After I Requested Him What He Was Doing In This Photograph, He Mentioned, “Capturing An Album Cowl. Duh”

Picture supply: PatternedCollar

#30 My Dad And His Cousins, Again In The Day. I Don’t Suppose The Cool Gene Was Handed Down To Me

Picture supply: FrenchyVonRichter

#31 Mother’s ‘Backyard’ 1980’s

Picture supply: Whisky_taco

#32 My Mom And Father Being Younger And Superior On Santorini Island, Greece, 1985. I Was Conceived There

Picture supply: GallowBoob

#33 My Dad And Uncle At Their Joint Marriage ceremony, 1970’s

Picture supply: 19RolandOfGilead19

#34 My Cool AF Dad At 19 (1973)

Picture supply: bryanpool51

#35 Dad In 1969. I’d Love To Know How This Occurred

Picture supply: tashimcgee

#36 When My Dad Was 16, He Entered His Identify In A Drawing, For What He Thought Was A Sports activities Jacket, At A Native Shoe Retailer. The Drawing Was Truly For A 1967 Shelby GT500. He Gained

Picture supply:

#37 My Buddy’s Dad Skilled Seals In The Navy. This Was What His On a regular basis Job Appeared Like

Picture supply:

#38 My Mother Thinks She Is So Hardcore In Her Fleetwood Mac Tank Prime At Age 18, 1982

Picture supply: Andreaaa20

#39 My Mother Circa 1986

Picture supply: Captain_Chewbacca

#40 My Girlfriend’s Dad After Flipping His ’73 Mustang On The Freeway

Picture supply: an_ugly_barnacle

#41 My Mother Being Infinitely Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be… With out A Saddle (Late 70s)

Picture supply: -trisarahtops-

#42 My Expensive Mother In The 70s With Her German Shepard And Manta

Picture supply: kylkim

#43 My Dad And His Pet Monkey In Vietnam, 1966

Picture supply: matthewlarn

#44 My Dad At Marching Band Follow, 1985

Picture supply: DrGirlfriend93

#45 My Mother Purchased A New ’63 Corvette On Her Personal At Age 20. She Owned Her Personal Hair Salon In Midland, Tx

#46 My Mother Wanting For Her Promenade Date 1969

Picture supply: CarlosSpicyPeep

#47 My Dad When He Was 17 In A Small Village In The Netherlands, 1981. He’d Meet My Mother A Yr Later

Picture supply: Pim-hole

#48 My Dad Was A Legit Ski Teacher In The 1970’s

Picture supply: TheMeanderthal

#49 My Father Obtained Drunk With Some Mates And Caught A Report Breaking Tuna In Newfoundland, 1972

Picture supply: ItsMedusa

#50 Apparently My Dad Used To Journey three Wheeled Unicycles In Parades

Picture supply: Slidenasty