Surreal Self Portraits Exchange One Eye With An Animal’s Eye

style=”text-align: justify;”>Flora Borsi won’t be within the eye of the tiger (and her stances in direction of the fun of the struggle are unknown), however she desires to see via the eyes of the animal. Her self portraits sequence, fittingly named Animeyed, reveals her “changing” one eye with that of the animal. There’s no cruelty there – the animals are simply posed in a means that their eyes are superimposed over hers.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Borsi is a visible artist and photographer from Bucharest, Hungary. “Utilizing myself as mannequin makes it simpler for me to specific my concepts and fantasies, even when it means working till 2 am,” she stated in a web-based interview. “I can visualize my concepts extra successfully and execute them straight away.”

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