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Star Wars Characters Invade Classical Work

Star Wars Characters Invade Classical Work

Scotland-based artist and Star Wars buff David Hamilton (aka wintersixfour) determined to merge classical work and the characters from his beloved saga collectively, admittedly, with nice outcomes.

This mission began out life as only a little bit of a giggle, nonetheless, it quickly was one thing of an training for me,” writes the artist. “It didn’t take too lengthy earlier than I obtained hooked on discovering out extra concerning the work I used to be desecrating and the artists who painted them. I realized lots and may now inform a Warhol from a complete within the floor.

Be certain to not miss Hamilton’s insightful feedback on his works and a few attention-grabbing details concerning the authentic artists and their work.

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The Scream In Over Six Million Varieties Of Communication


If anybody was going to scream, it was at all times going to be Threepio. He’s such a drama queen,” explains Hamilton. “Attention-grabbing truth: Munch painted 4 variations of The Scream utilizing numerous media. It’s been the goal of artwork thieves time and again.

Starry Fighter Evening Over The Rhone


Most likely the least effort of any of those. Attention-grabbing truth: Do you know Van Gogh minimize off his personal ear? You probably did? Oh properly.”

Woman With An E11 Blaster


I believed Scarlett Johansson was trying a little bit weak right here, and the addition of a blaster would see her safely round 17th century Amsterdam. Somebody was certain to mug her for that pearl earring.
Attention-grabbing truth: Vermeer is although to have used a digital camera obscura to create his work. The Photoshop of its day? You resolve.

Christina’s Moisture Farm


Attention-grabbing truth: Christina right here was an actual one that suffered from polio and lived close to Wyeth; therefore she would drag herself round. Although she appears to be like like a younger lady within the portray, she was 55 years outdated on the time.

The Anatomy Lesson By Dr. 2-1B


This one fitted completely. It’s just like the parts had been made for one another. Attention-grabbing truth: Dr Tulp (whose place has been usurped by Dr 2-1B) was Amsterdam’s Metropolis Anatomist in 1632 when this was painted. He was allowed one public dissection every year, and the physique needed to be that of an executed legal.

Tolstoy Ploughing (Below The Heal Of The Galactic Empire)


“Right here’s the place it began. I used to be at a free finish one night and thought it’d be a enjoyable method to waste just a few hours if I had Tolstoy ploughing his area while beneath the watchful eye of the 501st Legion. Attention-grabbing truth: Tolstoy truly loved farm work and was additionally a dab hand at mending footwear.”

Mos Eisley Nighthawks


“Nighthawks instantly made me consider Mos Eisley Cantina; I might simply hear the bartender calling ‘We don’t serve their type right here.’ Attention-grabbing truth: No shock, however this isn’t truly Hopper’s portray in any respect. It’s {a photograph} of a Hopper show. I felt the unique had been parodied usually sufficient, so this gave a distinct perspective; now you’ll be able to see Ponda Baba and Physician Evazan.”

La Princesse à L’ombrelle


“There could also be no underwear in house, however there are parasols; a princess has to maintain that honest complexion by some means. The hair’s too darkish on this, however I’m not going again to repair in now. Oh, how we want George Lucas had felt that manner. Attention-grabbing truth: The unique portray was created as an off-the-cuff picture somewhat than a proper portrait. An early snapshot.”

Grand Moff Tarkin


“This one’s ‘within the model of’ somewhat than a direct desecration of one thing well-known. I simply thought Tarkin would most likely have one thing like this hanging in his drawing room. Attention-grabbing truth: This began life as a portrait of Sir John Sinclair, although solely the background survives. Sir John was the creator of Statistical Accounts of Scotland; Historical past of the Public Income of the British Empire 1784 … seems like an actual web page turner.

Younger Lady Reclining in Tatooine Costume


This isn’t a superb illustration of Manet’s model (far too sensible), however I do love Leia in her Brass Bikini … identical to so many others. Attention-grabbing truth: Manet primarily based this on a well-known portray by Goya, “Clothed Maja”. See, I informed you artist weren’t/aren’t above a little bit of plagiarism.

The Singing Jedi


“That is actually my favorite of the twenty-one photographs right here, and is the one one I’ve bothered to have framed and mounted on my wall at dwelling. It makes me smile. Attention-grabbing truth: Jack is one in all Britain’s hottest artists, but isn’t taken severely by the artwork institution, maybe due partly to the actual fact he’s a self-taught artist. Right here’s some precise criticism: ‘brainless,’ ‘not an artist,’ and ‘he can’t paint, he simply colors in.’ Snobbery, in my view.”

La Classe de Danse Avec Oola


I like the way in which the dancer on the entrance of the image is trying down her nostril at Oola like she doesn’t belong there … which, in fact, she doesn’t. Attention-grabbing truth: Edgar Degas painted some controversial photos and held some controversial political opinions. I received’t go into them right here, however be at liberty to look these up.

A Pyramid of Skulls


Let’s face it, this wouldn’t be the primary time Threepio misplaced his head. Attention-grabbing truth: Cezane painted skulls on a number of events resulting in the idea he was considerably fixated by dying.

Head Of a Jedi


That is primarily based on the portray ‘Head of a Canine.’ I needed to give my model the extra generic time period ‘Jedi’ as I can discover no indication of what precisely Yoda is. Attention-grabbing truth: Renoir was the daddy of Pierre (actor), Jean (filmmaker), Claude (ceramic artist), and grandfather to Claude (son of Pierre and one other filmmaker like his uncle Jean).

Solo I & II


Han shot first. He at all times shoots first. Attention-grabbing truth: That is primarily based on Elvis I & II. Not too long ago, Warhol’s ‘Triple Elvis (Ferus Kind)’ offered for $81.9 million. Astounding.”

Jedi’s Hand With A Reflecting Sphere


I used to be challenged to do an Escher by a buddy. In his personal phrases, he was “astonished” I’d been in a position to make something of it. Attention-grabbing truth: Reflecting spheres had been a preferred topic for Escher, and he used them as a topic a number of occasions. That is essentially the most well-known, although.

Winter Panorama with a Probe Droid


No clarification crucial… if you recognize your Star Wars. Attention-grabbing truth: You’ll be able to see discarded crutches within the authentic picture. Look once more and you’ll see the proprietor praying on the foot of the cross, probably dying. Curiously, I’ve solely simply seen him myself!



Social commentary or only a giggle? I’ll allow you to resolve. Attention-grabbing truth: Johns painted on a newsprint collage, masking three canvases, mounted on plywood board. Sure, I understand that’s not very attention-grabbing, however…

Obi Wan M’aider, Vous Êtes Mon Seul Espoir


The top … for now . Could the pressure be with you.

Luke with the top of Anakin


This was the trickiest one to do, and positively took essentially the most time. I’m in no way certain it’s true to the model of the unique, however Caravaggio is a tough act to observe. The one entry that in any manner acknowledges the existence of the prequel trilogy. There’s a superb motive for that. Attention-grabbing truth: Caravaggio’s life was like a cleaning soap opera. Go look it up.


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