Spectacular Pictures Of Historic Conventional Honey Hunters In Central Nepal

style=”text-align: justify;”>Honey searching is an historic custom of the Gurung tribespeople in central Nepal that includes gathering twice a 12 months to threat their lives accumulating wild honey from the world’s largest hives excessive up on Himalayan cliffs. U.Ok.-based documentary journey photographer Andrew Newey spent two weeks capturing this dying custom, which is beneath the specter of commercialization. “For a whole bunch of years, the abilities required to carry out this harmful activity have been handed down via the generations” writes Newey, “however now each the bees and conventional honey hunters are briefly provide.

style=”text-align: justify;”>The honey searching is extraordinarily dangerous, because the hunters nonetheless use the identical handmade rope ladders and lengthy sticks – tangos – that their ancestors used. They wouldn’t have the ability to every the bees’ inaccessible cliff-face nests in any other case. By putting their nests on cliff faces, the bees keep away from predators and improve their publicity to daylight.

Listed here are the miraculous photos from final 12 months’s Autumn honey harvest.

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