Purple Thread Maze That Mimics The Complexity Of Your Thoughts

style=”text-align: justify;”>Beginning tomorrow (September 17th) Berlin’s Blain|Southern gallery will turn into a stage for Japanese artist’s Chiharu Shiota Uncertain Journeya visually gorgeous maze of thread and creativeness.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Shiota is thought for her spectacular woven thread installations that have a tendency to rework the galleries during which they’re exhibited into the surreal worlds that the customer will also be part of. To switch the concept behind Unsure Journey, the artist depends on two essential components: first being the boat skeletons, which function a base for the second half which is the advanced maze of thread that symbolizes the existential questions deep inside us about destiny and belonging, evoking advanced feelings in us that generally are because the tangled because the yarn itself.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Extra data: chiharu shiota (h/t: designboom)

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