Postman By Day, City Explorer By Evening, CriticalMass Pictures Deserted Italian Ruins

style=”text-align: justify;”>A UK-based photographer, who goes by the nickname CriticalMass, shares his ardour for exploring deserted locations by means of his haunting images of Italian ruins. With these melancholy photographs, the photographer takes us on a tour by means of deserted orphanages, hospitals, villas, mortuaries and industrial complexes in Italy. The placement of the locations are deliberately left unpublished, because the artist claims he desires to stop these locations from potential injury.

Regardless of his fantastic expertise and robust ardour for images, CriticalMass is extraordinarily modest and doesn’t like calling himself a photographer. He works as a postman in the course of the day, and images is his one nice pastime. The artist is usually curious about so-called “city exploration,” particularly in deserted locations that nature has begun to reclaim. He has spent 5 years travelling round Europe and documenting deserted locations along with his emotionally gripping contact. He says: “It’s about seeing the unseen, going the place the ‘No Trespassing’ indicators says you possibly can’t, to see what lies behind closed doorways.


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