Paris Hilton Simply Tweeted That She And Britney Invented The Selfie And These 24 Responses Made It Viral

One of many first socialites that turned well-known for being well-known (and another recordings), Paris Hilton lately additionally claimed to be the first particular person to invent selfies. A variety of twitter customers, nevertheless, didn’t agree with the assertion and did a variety of digging to show the heiress fallacious.

Some individuals went by way of their household photograph albums and located footage of their dad and mom holding and smiling on the digital camera. Others went by way of the celeb archive and located mirror selfies of Stanley Kubrick and Frank Sinatra. After which the actually devoted ones dug all the best way again to 1909 and located proof that fully crushed the inconsiderate assertion.

This isn’t the primary time the star insisted that she invented selfies; in an interview for W magazine earlier this yr, Paris Hilton stated she took her first selfie with a disposable digital camera again when she was a child. Evidently even the socialite herself is confused by her personal tales…

Extra information: twitter (h/t)

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