Nature From the Inside Out: Dreamy X-Ray Pictures Of Nature by Arie Van`t Riet

Holland-based radiation physicist Arie van`t Riet turned the standard method of utilizing x-ray imagery on its head. He by chance turned an artist by utilizing x-ray imagery to seize pure life-processes.

Because the story goes, a buddy of Riet as soon as requested him to take an x-ray picture of his portray. They had been each surprised by the outcome, so the physicist began to ponder different inventive purposes for the method. Then he turned his consideration to nature.

Wildlife fascinates Riet, as even the commonest specimens can change into considerably otherworldly underneath the x-ray. The pictures, to which the artist digitally provides mild colors, appear to be delicate ink photos on silk paper. Be sure you hearken to the pleasant speech that Arie van‘t Riet gave on the topic on the TEDx occasion.

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