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My Surreal Pictures Is A Reflection On A Lengthy Battle With Melancholy


I started exploring images about 12 years in the past; across the identical time I confronted despair for the primary time in my life as a method to specific my mind-set. Pictures allowed me to flee into a special world, the one which I used to be creating, a spot and a narrative that was lead by me, not that I used to be led by. Nonetheless, after a number of months I really feel deep into the arms of despair and misplaced all ardour for the medium.

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In 2014 after I had come out on the opposite facet of the despair and was pursuing a BFA diploma in Pictures in San Francisco, I picked up the medium once more and commenced to unconsciously discover themes of despair in my work.

Every little thing I created mirrored on the years I used to be dwelling with despair, impressed by psychology, surrealism and the Scandinavian landscapes that I grew up round. From there on it has been a medium I take advantage of to doc our inside world specializing in themes impressed by psychology, surrealism and our unconscious thoughts.

My work may be very private to me, and has been a type of remedy to fight my very own feelings and experiences I’ve had through the years, but I attempt to make it as nameless as doable to ensure that it to talk to every spectator that can view it, to allow them to mirror again on their very own journey in life via interacting with the interior world of the figures proven in my work.

I need my work to shine mild on psychological well being and the darker and .

My work has been proven in galleries around the globe and I hope to maintain exhibiting it to the general public in galleries and museum locations sooner or later and switch it right into a e-book within the nearest future.


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