Moon Photobombs Earth In Photograph Taken From NASA Satellite tv for pc 1 Million Miles Away

Thankfully, the Moon isn’t made out cheese – astronauts wouldn’t have been in a position to take off! However it’s nonetheless fairly, particularly in these pictures of the Moon passing in entrance of Earth. The photographs had been captures by NASA’s Deep Area Local weather Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite tv for pc, drifting one million miles away. The pictures present the far facet of the Moon which is rarely seen from the Earth.

We acquired photos of the “darkish facet” for the primary time in 1959, from the Soviet Luna-Three satellite tv for pc. DSCOVR is rather more superior: its main mission of observing the photo voltaic winds, and taking photos of the sunny facet of Earth with its EPIC digital camera. The photographs are literally mixed from three totally different purple, inexperienced and blue monochrome photos.

Extra information: (h/t: petapixel)

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