Man Violating Quarantine At An Italian Seashore Will get Turned Into A Hilarious Meme (14 Pics)

Violating quarantine can have some fairly hefty penalties. Not solely do you threat doable an infection and a hefty effective as well, some inventive folks on the web may even flip you right into a meme. This lately occurred to a Rimini resident who determined to go to the seaside regardless of the lockdown.

The person was chilling on the seaside the place he was noticed by a police drone and rapidly apprehended by two officers on quadbikes. A photograph of the person and the officers was shared to the Comune di Rimini Fb group and other people rapidly did what they do greatest – began responding with hilarious memes. Test them out within the gallery beneath!

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Right here’s the image that began all of it


Picture supply:  CatnipHip


Picture supply:  CatnipHip


Picture supply:  CatnipHip


Picture supply: Mattia Podda


Picture supply: Federico Berlini


Picture supply: Lorenzo Aiello


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Picture supply:  CatnipHip


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Picture supply: Luca Baggiarini