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Man Proves Flat-Earthers Are Unsuitable With One Easy Experiment

Man Proves Flat-Earthers Are Unsuitable With One Easy Experiment

Impressed by latest viral posts a few man proving Earth isn’t flat after Lake Michigan, a 36-year-old engineer named Jeff determined to perform a little sensible experiment. The purpose of this experiment was to simulate the curvature of the Earth utilizing a basketball and a digital camera with a macro lens. Sounds easy sufficient, proper?

Jeff says it’s simple to think about being an extremely small creature dwelling on the floor of the basketball – “from the angle of that tiny creature, the “horizon” of the basketball would at all times look “flat”.” He additionally says he doesn’t count on to alter the minds of flat-earthers, however moderately to assist these, who’re simply prone to flat-earthers arguments. The few flat-earthers who he has interacted with relied closely on memes as a type of communication, so he needed to reply with a meme “utilizing their very own logic, that factors out the absurdity of their logic,” explains Jeff.

Though individuals began saying that Jeff discovered proof that the Earth is certainly not flat, he says this experiment doesn’t show the Earth’s roundness. “It solely proves in an easy-to-understand manner that the floor of a sphere can seem flat,” says Jeff. “It proves that the idea of all flat-earthers’ beliefs is inadequate proof to find out the form of the earth.”

Try Jeff’s easy experiment and explanations within the gallery beneath!

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This particular person used a basketball to do a intelligent experiment

He later added this message to make clear the which means of this experiment:

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