Man Images Small Toys With Huge Creativeness

style=”text-align: justify;”>Since childhood, we’ve at all times dreamed of touring to the worlds the place our toys come from. Now photographer and digital artist Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is bringing these worlds to you.

style=”text-align: justify;”>“For me pictures will not be portraying what exists, however portraying what exist in me,” writer stated to PetaPixel. In addition to his business work he has been creating these wonderful miniature scenes, that with the assistance of his digital camera, trusty ol’ Photoshop and a way known as focus stacking (a number of images merged to realize a wider focus), are reworked into dream worlds, the place toy figures come to life.

Scale is without doubt one of the most essential points of my pictures,” says Felix. To ensure that them to look life-like, he must get actually near his topics, so each little element counts: “What’s actually cool is doing as a lot as you’ll be able to in-camera. For snow scenes, I take advantage of wheat flour. For desert scenes, I take advantage of corn flour. For ambiance, I add smoke. For rain, I spray water. For droplets, I add corn syrup.

It’s at all times good to see anyone following their desires, so check out the images beneath to see for your self simply what these desires really appear to be.

Extra information: facebook | 500px | youtube (h/t: petapixel)

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The Dove


The Love Automotive


Spitfire Down


Storm Trooper




Star Wars Infinity


Snow Storm Troopers




The Crow


See how he does it: