Man Collects 35 Baggage Of Trash On The Seashore, Turns It Into Artwork

Again in April, Rob Arnold from Rame Peninsula Beach Care group went for an everyday stroll on a often lovely Tregantle seaside, UK, however as an alternative of a chilled surroundings, he discovered a blanket of microplastics overlaying the entire shoreline.

“I’m pretty used to it as I’ve been doing it for 4 years, however the way in which it was this time was a shock to me, it was determined,” Rob advised Cornwall Live. “I actually felt it had gone too far and it could be too late to wash it up, however I believed we might as nicely attempt. It was just like the ocean had vomited it out and offered it to us and I felt it was our responsibility to wash it up.”

So Rob began cleansing, and with the assistance of native volunteers, he managed to scavenge round 35 baggage of trash, amongst which he discovered a battalion of plastic toy troopers, a set of LEGO diving tanks and flippers, and lots of many extra random artifacts most of that are made out of plastic.

However when Rob is finished choosing all that stuff off the seaside, it doesn’t merely finish there. To make the issue of trashing our oceans extra seen, he turns the garbage he finds into artwork which you could now witness in an exhibition in Liskeard Museum. It’s part of The Plastic Age exhibition, which additionally options contributions from Tracey Williams of Lego Misplaced at Sea, Michelle Costello of Smartie Lids on the Seashore and Louise Slee of Tregantle Seashore Treasures, Trinkets and Trash.

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That’s what Rob Arnold discovered whereas visiting the often lovely Tregantle seaside

A blanket of microplastics overlaying the shoreline

So Rob and a bunch of volunteers began cleansing…

And in someday they managed to scavenge 35 baggage of trash

“I’m pretty used to it as I’ve been doing it for 4 years, however the way in which it was this time was a shock to me, it was determined”

Among the many trash, Rob discovered all types of stuff, most of which was plastic

Like a battalion of toy troopers

And a set of LEGO diving flippers

All of which get a brand new life in Rob’s palms, who can be a neighborhood artist on the aspect

Who turns the trash discovered on the seashores into creative sculptures

Which are actually being uncovered within the Plastic Age exposition at Liskeard Museum