Love Has No Labels: PSA Makes use of X-Ray To Present That Deep Inside, We’re All Skeletons

style=”text-align: justify;”>Artwork can be utilized for social change, that’s no secret. Such is the position of Advert Council’s video Love Has No Labels. A public X-ray display which reveals skeletons kissing, hugging and dancing earlier than they emerge on stage as individuals: lesbian and interracial {couples}, homosexual mother and father, mates of various religions and so forth. style=”color: #3d3c40;”>The efficiency reveals that, regardless of their outdoors variations, they’re all the identical deep inside: skeletons. Nicely, I assume Advert Council desires us to assume they’re stuffed with love, however love doesn’t present up properly on X-rays

style=”text-align: justify;”>It’s enjoyable to see such a dynamic and funky array of {couples}, and see the individuals’s reactions. They appear to be pleasantly stunned and really supportive.

Now if that doesn’t make you’re feeling fuzzy deep in your skeleton, I don’t know what does.

Extra data: lovehasnolabels.comFacebook (h/t: mashable)

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