Lady Returns A Lifeless Christmas Tree On January 4th, And The Store’s Response Will Make You Upset

Now that the Holidays are over, the season of refunds for undesirable presents is hitting the outlets. And whereas returning a sweater that’s two sizes too massive for you is one factor, dragging your stripped-down Christmas tree again to the store you bought it from is a far more brazen transfer.

The lady pictured beneath strode into the native Costco on January 4th and demanded a refund for her (clearly used) Christmas tree. She insisted on getting her a reimbursement as a result of – shock shock – the tree was lifeless. No surprise this daring declare displeased the eye-witnesses, who simply needed to doc the incident to show it truly occurred. Scroll right down to learn how the story ended and take a look at the feedback it acquired.

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Some folks couldn’t consider what they’ve seen

However some witnesses confirmed tales like these are legit