Japanese Eating places Serve Dam Curry Rice That Brings Catastrophic Meals Flooding To Your Plate

style=”text-align: justify;”>Japanese curry rice is considered one of their hottest meals, but it surely’s not normally subtle in presentation. However what about damukare, the dam curry rice? Because the title would recommend, it’s a plate of curry rice, however the rice is shaped into the form of the dam – a type of giant, typically flexible issues discovered on rivers, producing electrical energy. Curry swimming pools on one aspect of the rice dam, and tonkatsu (a sort of cutlet), meat, greens keep on the opposite. Every part is dry and separate and neat! Plus, you’ll be able to have interaction in your darker fantasies, break the rattling and flood your veggie metropolis with curry.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Japanese curry is loads completely different from Indian curry, the dam curry has its personal story. Whereas the primary particular occasion may be traced again to 1965, dam curry grew to become a factor round 2007, and that was when it gained it’s title. This curry dish is made in eating places meant for vacationers visiting numerous Japanese dams, and the form varies from place to put. In some locations, it’s solely ever made on particular events, to commemorate dam anniversaries and so forth.

style=”text-align: justify;”>However I’m positive that with some ingenuity, rice constructing talent and curry, you may make some again residence.

(h/t: rocketnews24, kotaku)

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