“I’m A Sluggish Drawer,” Says Estonian Artist Who Spent Round 40 Hours On These Intricate Black and Blue Floral Patterns

style=”text-align: justify;”>Estonian artist Sandra, often known as mikiverevikim on Twitter, not too long ago unveiled her latest art work – a painstakingly intricate floral sample drawn with black and blue gel ink pens onto tough watercolour paper. She humbly calls herself ”a sluggish drawer” as a result of she spent  round 40 hours drawing this 18 x 27 cm piece of artwork and round 50 hours tracing it on Adobe Illustrator after she scanned it.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Check out this trippy piece of artwork and see the time lapse video, which demonstrates her delicate drawing course of.

Supply:  Twitter | Flickr| redbubble.com (via)

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Not conversant in the metric system? Right here’s a banana system measurement:

Time lapse video: