Historical Octopus Painted With 95-Million-12 months-Outdated Ink Taken From Its Fossil

style=”text-align: justify;”>The Pure Historical past Museum in Oslo, Norway simply acquired a brand new exhibit of a 95 million-year-old octopus fossil. And subsequent to it hangs an in depth portray by Esther van Hulsen, of the way it appeared alive. The fascinating bit is that the artist had just one shot at portray it as a result of the ink she used was really extracted from the identical fossil!

style=”text-align: justify;”>The traditional fossil was present in Lebanon in 2009, and now paleontologist Jørn Hurum has equipped the ink for the portray. This undertaking can also be an homage to Mary Anning, an English paleontologist, and fossil collector, who additionally used fossil’s ink for her depictions again within the 1800s. Surprisingly the ink nonetheless had a vivid shade and the properties of a recent ink even after this unimaginable period of time.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Earlier than getting this distinctive likelihood, the artist was identified for her superbly lifelike depictions of wildlife animals, which you can see on her website.

Extra data: esther van hulsen | facebook (h/t: colossal)

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Esther van Hulsen had just one likelihood to get it proper


Artist used 95-million-year-old ink extracted from the precise fossil