His Girlfriend Banned Geeky Stuff From The Home, This Is How He Responded

style=”text-align: justify;”>Not the Girlfriends and boyfriends don’t all the time see eye to eye – particularly when Star Wars and video video games are on the road. This girl tried to bar his boyfriend from bringing any geeky stuff into the home. Tried. Together with his geek cred in peril, imgur consumer ohhaibroadcast got down to foster a guerrilla geek presence in his immaculately embellished home. His vanguard is a LEGO X-Wing pilot located in a small area above a lamp. As for the others, properly, we‘ll allow you to try to spot them your self. These “troopers” are properly camouflaged and expertly hidden!

style=”text-align: justify;”>Nevertheless, not all is unhealthy for ohhaibroadcast. Whereas geeky stuff will not be allowed in the home, he has greater than sufficient of the good things stashed within the basement. Properly, “stashed” doesn’t do it justice. It seems that our geek has an extended and storied historical past of geeking, gathering such traditional videogames like StarCraft and StarLancer, the brand new Kickstarter launch of the 1977 traditional tabletop sport OGRE and plenty of, many different issues that make geek hearts sing. Form of like a subterranean geek paradise.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Contemplating the quantity of geekiness saved there, no surprise it’s spilling over.

Extra information: ohhaibroadcast (h/t: boredpanda)

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“My gf informed me I’m not allowed to have any geeky stuff upstairs, all of it goes within the basement.”



“By no means underestimate a manchild.”








Now, check out his superb geeky basement: