Girl Takes A Selfie With A Tub Of Cottage Cheese Left In The Workplace Fridge 7 Years In A Row

In the event you ever labored in an workplace, you most likely know in regards to the mysterious place generally known as the workplace fridge. It all the time appears to be chock-full of all kinds of weirdness from cans with no labels to thriller Tupperware containers filled with mould, so a leftover tub of cottage cheese shouldn’t look that misplaced. Nicely, apparently it caught one lady’s eye and the little tub of cottage cheese really turned part of an annual custom.

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Julia, also called jgbones on Reddit, first noticed the bathtub of pineapple-flavored cottage cheese in her workplace fridge seven years in the past.

Julia has just lately celebrated her and the bathtub of cottage cheese’s seven 12 months anniversary and it rapidly went viral on Reddit.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Julia admitted to purchasing the cottage cheese herself.

“I purchased it again in 2012 – opened it – tasted it – hated it (no shock, its low fats and has bizarre pretend pineapple in it) – and threw it within the fridge,” mentioned Julia.

Julia mentioned that it one way or the other acquired pushed to the again of the fridge and she or he merely forgot about it. The bathtub ultimately turned a operating joke and nobody wished to throw it out.

“The cheese is in a bath, with the lid on. The seal has been damaged, however it’s by no means the perpetrator of any bizarre odors. We moved workplaces earlier this 12 months and now now we have extra room, two fridges – no smells – and we’re a cheerful household,” says Julia. “Moreover – everybody respects the cheese – it’s been right here for a very long time!”

The lady says she is going to solely throw the cottage cheese away if she leaves the job or as soon as it turns into 10 years outdated.

“I haven’t opened it since I purchased it – so I ponder what it seems to be like inside. My boyfriend is extremely in opposition to it staying within the fridge at residence, so it’s acquired a bunch of post-it notes saying DON’T TOSS, and everybody right here within the workplace is aware of to not contact it,” says Julia.

Picture credit: jgbones

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