Duck Hates Mondays, Too: A Comedian About A Hen We Can All Relate To

All of us have points with the stresses of contemporary day life. So does Dicky the Duck, the star of Fowl Language Comics, drawn by Brian Gordon. This drawn duck has to go to a job, help his quacking household and all he can to remain on his webbed toes. So, naturally, he has to take care of factor like showing regular, coping with espresso tolerance, New Yr’s wows and (not) going to the health club. A duck we are able to all associated to, particularly since he doesn’t spend time swimming in a pond and chasing bread crumbs.

“Fowl Language” isn’t the one comedian Brian Gordon works on. He’s a contract illustrator who has been employed by Hallmark for greater than 15 years and has “since drawn and written roughly a bajillion Shoebox playing cards.” He additionally does work for Mad Journal, a weblog and attracts comics, after all. His most well-known work is the Chuck and Beans webcomic a few barely loopy bunny and canine duo. You type of see the place Fowl Language is coming from.

And I’ll hope it is going to waddle security into the long run.

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