Colourful Flower Tattoos That Look Like Watercolor Work

style=”text-align: justify;”>Put together your eyes for the extraordinary tattoo artist from South Korea – Silo. You’ll be hard-pressed to seek out resemblances to the traditional black ink tattoos as he makes use of smooth colours to show his tattoos into watercolor work.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Each design is exclusive as they’re impressed by the tales of his shoppers:

style=”text-align: justify;”>“There are many tales round these tattoos. Folks inform me what and why they need and I flip their tales into designs. I put my coronary heart even into the smallest tattoos,” Silo mentioned to Bored Panda.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Can’t get sufficient of watercolor tattoos? You’re in luck! Take a look at this Czech artist who does just one tattoo a day.

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“The flower tattoo on ft symbolises one thing new and contemporary right here, in Korea,” mentioned Silo


“This woman had a tough life, so I designed these flowers wishing her new and blissful begin”


“Tattoo tradition is just a little totally different in Korea”


“There have been instances when it was unlawful, so I went to Australia and Thailand to find out about tattoo artwork”


“As soon as again I wished to study extra on my own”


“I believe that studying by no means truly stops and even now, 10 ears after, I nonetheless study one thing new on daily basis”


“Most difficult half about being a tattooist is the battle with myself”


“I wasn’t born an artist, I grew to become one”


“It’s 1% expertise and 99% work”


“If I ever get lazy, my life as a tattooist is over”


“However for now, I flip peoples’ tales into designs and put my coronary heart into their tattoos”