Cat Tail Gloves Will Let You Wag Kitty Tails Whereas You Browse Your Cellphone

style=”text-align: justify;”>‘Tis no secret that we’re all cat lovers right here on the DeMilked workplaces. So that you’re going to squeal with pleasure as soon as we inform you about cat tail gloves! Designed by the Japanese corporations Felissimo and YOU+MORE, it’s the newest vogue accent for individuals who wish to play with their smartphones in chilly climes. It’s undoubtedly the cat’s meow.

style=”text-align: justify;”>The gloves are constituted of suede and have fluffy insides. Additionally they have conductive pads on the index finger and thumb, excellent for scrolling by libraries of cat footage and lolcats macros. A set of those gloves prices $36 (4,295 yen).

Extra information: felissimo | you+more (h/t: boredpanda)

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Watch the video of cat-tail gloves in motion: