Astonishing Portraits Of Chickens Show Their Unquestionable Magnificence

style=”text-align: justify;”>Chickens are magnificent animals and Ernest Goh, a photographer and visible artist, is right here to show you simply that. His newest work is a set of unusual and fantastically weird “portraits of supermodels of the rooster world” that can deliver a smile to your face.

These chickens, nonetheless, usually are not simply any chickens – they’re an extraordinary-looking breed known as Ayam Serama from Malaysia. These chickens are recognized for his or her ornamental look, upright posture and assertive, assured but calm temperament. Malaysians really feel nice respect for the Serama chickens and evaluate them with warriors as their posture and astonishing flexibility appear practically human.

This sequence is launched as a guide known as “Cocks: The Rooster Ebook”, which introduces us to this distinctive breed of Serama chickens and offers them a well-deserved spot gentle.

Supply: (through: petapixel)

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