Artist Turns Well-known Logos Into Superior Embroidered Artwork

style=”text-align: justify;”>“You recognize what this sports activities model wants? Flowery embroidery.” I picture that’s the thought behind the sports activities manufacturers by Bjork collaborator James Merry. He takes sweaters emblazoned with logos like Nike and Fila, and embroiders flowers, wines and mushrooms on then. It’s a quaint challenge, bringing pure and rustic pleasure of embroidery to a mass produced, city model.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Jame Merry met Bjork six years in the past, and ultimately moved to New York to work along with her full time. The embroidery challenge got here from that city expertise. “I suppose it was some type of silent protest of mine,” Merry mentioned on an interview for Vice. “To take one thing that was tremendous city and machine-made and barren (my outdated Nike sweater), and fertilize it, forcing it to flower by embroidering a glacier flower and moss on it.”

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