40 Winners Of The Most Epic Photoshop Battles

Ever because the first picture enhancing applications got here out, folks have been shocking us with their ingenuity and talent. And there’s no higher place to check your expertise than a subreddit referred to as r/photoshopbattles.

Each week the subreddit holds a battle the place a picture is given and the customers submit their most inventive manipulations. From pleasant bears to majestic ducklings, take a look at the profitable photographs from essentially the most epic photoshop battles within the gallery beneath!

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#1 Man Holding Fish Whereas Bear Stands Behind Him

Picture supply: sweet-101

#2 These Micro-Mushrooms On A Leaf

Picture supply: Ejeb

#three This Crafty Duckling

Picture supply: mohamadmu

#four This Dad And Son Cat

Picture supply: FXavier86

#5 This Tree That Was Struck By Lightning

Picture supply: moviescriptlife

#6 A Hawk Staring At The Digicam

Picture supply: pinpinbo

#7 This Mount Fuji, Japan – Pink Valley

Picture supply: GraveBreath

#eight This Fishing Leopard

Picture supply: sensitron

#9 Canine In Footwear Main The Manner

Picture supply: newt16

#10 This Smirking Canine

Picture supply: reva_r

#11 Offended Child

Picture supply: Bergie4411

#12 Cat Beard

Picture supply: BarelyLegalSeagull

#13 Pringles Ringle

Picture supply: chinese_reveal_cue

#14 This “Captain Canada” Cosplay

Picture supply: 0nKnw0n

#15 Golden Retriever Who Performed In Freshly Mowed Garden

Picture supply: neky96

#16 This Pissed Cat

Picture supply: Lenalee111

#17 This Cute Retriever’s Face Completely Centered Behind A Ornamental Forged Iron Fence

Picture supply: whirlygiggling

#18 Keanu Reeves Working From This Paparazzi After Stealing His Digicam

Picture supply: reddit.com

#19 Police Canine With $10m In Confiscated Weed

Picture supply: boston_shua

#20 This Impala With A Spider Between Its Antler

Picture supply: AFrostNova

#21 Flower Cat

Picture supply: BlackReaper66613

#22 Hearth Fighter In Entrance Of Californian Wildfires

Picture supply: Pidiotpong

#23 Porcupine Strolling On Its Hind Legs

Picture supply: Scaulbylausis

#24 Hedgehog In A Discipline Of Daisies

Picture supply: onmondale

#25 Dad and mom Feeding Their Youngsters

Picture supply: federicoskliarevsky

#26 This Safety Guard Eagerly Chasing A Streaking Swimsuit Mannequin

Picture supply: Chiaroscur0

#27 This Large Canine In A Sink

Picture supply: ItsJellyJosh

#28 Kitten In Midair

Picture supply: Scaulbylausis

#29 This Dude And His Jacket

Picture supply: jjohn7676

#30 Pet In A Purchasing Cart

Picture supply: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#31 Trump Sandwich.

Picture supply: Buwaro

#32 Goat Sitting On A Home

Picture supply: 70PercentAir

#33 Canine With Melon Helmet!

Picture supply: dangol10

#34 This Man’s Haircut

Picture supply: TheRunningRunningMan

#35 Monkey Getting A Banana

Picture supply: Onicss

#36 Dwayne Wade Falling Into Chrissy Teigen And John Legend

Picture supply: bryansm1208

#37 This Canine Carrying A Helmet And Tag That Reads Snuffles

Picture supply: fjordfjord

#38 Leslie And Equipment

Picture supply: motherofcoons

#39 French President Celebrating

Picture supply: frotteman

#40 This Shaved Husky

Picture supply: xXDarkx888Xx