39 Pictures From The Comedy Wildlife 2019 Competitors That Present How Hilarious Nature Can Be

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is an annual images competitors the place each newbie {and professional} nature photographers from everywhere in the world submit their funniest photos of animals. The organizers have acquired numerous submissions this 12 months and after a protracted wait have lastly chosen a handful of finalists.

“Personally I feel that is the perfect collection of finalists we’ve but had,” mentioned Tom Sullam, one of many organizers of the competitors, in an interview with Bored Panda. “The competitors is reaching an increasing number of folks and we had 1000’s of entries from roughly 80 nations. We love that this competitors is border free!”

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#1 Household Disagreement

Picture supply: Vlado Pirsa

#2 Holly Jolly Snowy

Picture supply: Vicki Jauron

“Our key message this 12 months is that everybody can do their bit to assist conservation,” added Tom. “It doesn’t have to be an enormous effort, just a bit effort by every of us and we are able to make a distinction.”

#three Oh My

Picture supply: Harry Walker

#four He’s Proper Behind Me Isn’t He?

Picture supply:  Anthony N Petrovich

Tom encourages folks to contribute to the conservation of nature themselves and gave some helpful recommendation:


Yup, that is tremendous simple for everybody to do. For instance; don’t purchase merchandise which have palm oil, as a result of the palm oil plantations are destroying rainforests and thus affecting the worldwide climate. Attempt to keep away from un-recyclable merchandise. Give your self a mission – okay how about one yogurt pot per particular person per week of non-recyclable merchandise? It’s potential, you understand. We now have a fantastic mate in London who does simply that.”

#5 Deer? What Deer?

Picture supply:  Mike Rowe

#6 Laid Again

Picture supply: Thomas Mangelsen


Okay, that is the factor, every time you flush the john we ship approx. 20ltrs of water down the drain – critically, it’s loopy. So “If it’s yellow, let it mellow”…you understand the remainder…! Have shorter showers, water your backyard rather less. Think about if all of us cease flushing our loos every time we did a wee, then billions and billions of litres of recent water can be saved and accessible to hurry down rivers, feed the fish, save the lakes and allow forests and bushes and crops to flourish and develop which provides oxygen to our surroundings in addition to provide properties and meals for a worldwide plethora of wildlife.”

#7 Excuse Me

Picture supply: James Vodicka

#eight Seize Life By The…

Picture supply:  Sarah Skinner


Yup, you heard it right here first. This can be a particular one who could also be not a mega activist, however actually, actually cares concerning the setting and what’s taking place so that you do a couple of quite simple and straightforward issues. For instance, encourage your family and friends about a number of the easy issues we have now talked about above, speak about it in social media, within the pub, at work. Does your office subscribe to some good environmental practices? Discover actually superior conservation organizations and interact with them on e mail, or social media. E mail or write to your native authorities consultant, perhaps an MP, a Home of Rep, a councilor and discover out what they’re doing to assist the wildlife world wide. Maintain your elected representatives accountable. You may have a voice, all of us do, use it and don’t be afraid.”

#9 Squirrel Needs

Picture supply: Geert Weggen

#10 Hello

Picture supply: Donna Bourdon

“Our robust perception right here at Comedy Wildlife Pictures Awards is that the smallest factor may also help conservation. By following Born Free on social media you could have made one constructive step. By supporting them financially, you make one other huge step. By sharing our posts, by shopping for the book, by maintaining the dialog going… all these items assist increase the problems of untamed animal conservation,” says Tom.

Take a look at the hilarious finalists of the Wildlife Comedy Awards 2019 within the gallery beneath!

#11 Warning: Territory Marking. Comply with At Your Personal Danger

Picture supply: Tilakraj Nagaraj

#12 Chest Bump

Picture supply: Thomas Mangelsen

#13 Monday Morning Blues

Picture supply: Eric Fisher

#14 One Two Three 4 5 … I’m Going To Discover You

Picture supply:  Valtteri Mulkahainen

#15 Hi there

Picture supply:  Kevin Sawford

#16 Laughing Zebra

Picture supply: Peter Haygarth

#17 Dangerous Hair Day

Picture supply: Eric Keller

#18 House Man

Picture supply: Roie Galitz

#19 That’s Hilarious Steve

Picture supply: Lloyd Durham

#20 Dancing … Yeah

Picture supply: Martina Gebert

#21 Pair Ice Skating

Picture supply: Andre Erlich

#22 Conceal

Picture supply: Marion Vollborn

#23 Indecent Proposal

Picture supply: Co Grift

#24 Who Would Like A Peanut? Squirrels At The College Of Michigan

Picture supply: Corey Seeman

#25 To Be Or Not To Be?

Picture supply: Txema Garcia Laseca

#26 Waltz Gone Flawed

Picture supply: Alastair Marsh

#27 Inconspicuous

Picture supply:  Eric Keller

#28 Is It A Chook, Is It A Airplane?

Picture supply: Bob Carter

#29 Browsing South Atlantic Model

Picture supply: Elmar Weiss

#30 Misplaced

Picture supply: Susan Knowler

#31 Hold On

Picture supply:  Adwait Aphale

#32 Sea Otter Tickle Battle

Picture supply: Andy Harris

#33 Lion Take Away

Picture supply: Willem Kruger

#34 Snarling Snappin In The Sluggish Lane

Picture supply: Lisa Vanderhoop

#35 I’m Open

Picture supply: Ryan Jefferds

#36 What Are You Wanting For?

Picture supply: Pablo Daniel Fernández

#37 Grizzly Infants

Picture supply: Toni Elliott

#38 Hip Hop

Picture supply: Philip Marazzi

#39 Baboon Fishing

Picture supply: Willem Kruger

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