3,000 Years Of Girls’s Magnificence Requirements Compressed In 3-Minute Video

style=”text-align: justify;”>It may be onerous for us to think about how a lot the idea of the perfect female physique has modified all through human historical past, which is why this 3-minute video by Buzzfeed is so attention-grabbing. It reveals how female physique beliefs have seemed and developed over the previous 3,000 years.

style=”text-align: justify;”>Within the video, fashionable fashions of various sizes and styles exhibit their our bodies to reveal the perfect figures of ages and a long time previous, and all are tightly coated with an identical clean white bathing fits. Girls have confronted exacting magnificence requirements for ages, and plenty of have needed to wrestle to satisfy them. The physique photos portrayed vary from Historical Egypt to the Golden Age of Hollywood to the Heroin Stylish of the candy 90s. What do you assume the subsequent body-image fad shall be?

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Historical Egypt (c. 1292-1069 B.C.)


– Slender
– Slim shoulders
– Excessive waist
– Symmetrical face

Historical Greece (c. 500-300 B.C.)


– Plump
– Full-bodied
– Gentle pores and skin
– Girls have been thought of “disfigured” variations of males

Han Dynasty (c. 206 B.C.-220 A.D.)


– Slim waist
– Pale pores and skin
– Giant eyes
– Small ft

Italian Renaissance (c. 1400-1700)


– Ample bosom
– Rounded abdomen
– Full hips
– Truthful pores and skin

Victorian England (c. 1837-1901)


– Desirably plump
– Full-figured
– Cinched waist
– Girls wore corsets to attain the perfect physique form

Roaring Twenties (c. 1920s)


– Flat-chested
– Downplayed waist
– Quick bob coiffure
– Boyish determine

Golden Age Of Hollywood (c. 1930s – 1950s)


– Curvy
– Hourglass determine
– Giant breasts
– Slim waist

Swinging Sixties (c. 1960s)


– Willowy
– Skinny
– Lengthy, slim legs
– Adolescent physique

Supermodel Period (c. 1980s)


– Athletic
– Svelte, however curvy
– Tall
– Toned arms

Heroin Stylish (c. 1990s)

– Waifish
– Extraordinarily skinny
– Translucent pores and skin
– Androgynous

Postmodern Magnificence (c. 2000s-As we speak)


– Flat abdomen
– “Wholesome” skinny
– Giant breasts and butt
– Thigh hole
– Girls often get cosmetic surgery to attain their desired look