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30 Individuals Who Tried To Flex Their Intelligence However Ended Up Trying Like Idiots

30 Individuals Who Tried To Flex Their Intelligence However Ended Up Trying Like Idiots

When separates good folks from those that suppose they’re good, is the truth that they don’t go round boasting about their intelligence. In spite of everything, even Stephen Hawking is quoted saying “Individuals who boast about their I.Q. are losers.” Nonetheless, that clearly doesn’t cease some self-proclaimed “geniuses” from making an attempt to “flex” their intelligence – and that usually ends with them trying like full pretentious idiots.

From correcting others’ grammar whereas barely making a coherent sentence themselves to turning up Thesaurus to eleven, try the individuals who tried showing good however failed miserably within the gallery under!

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#1 You Tried, Breana….

Picture supply: DumbassJ

#2 I Am Extra Quicker Than Your Calculator

Picture supply: charles_the_average

#three Spot The Distinction, Neil

Picture supply: neiltyson

#four I Guess He Simply Doesn’t Like The Phrase

Picture supply: TimAllenAMA

#5 Poor Mongolians Who Don’t Know Of Different Languages

Picture supply: TheBizzareKing

#6 How Was I Even Supposed To Reply To This?

Picture supply: Alerdy

#7 What Did You Do Immediately? ??

Picture supply: Dipyaman

#eight This Man Performs Chess

Picture supply: TheCapedCrusader27

#9 As a result of Utilizing Broadly Recognized Abbreviations To Save Time Or Make A Remark Shorter Makes You A Semiliterate Neanderthal

Picture supply: reddit.com

#10 Smartass Thinks That None Is aware of What Water Is

Picture supply: sadness_n_sorrow

#11 Smart Man

Picture supply: JapanDoesntExist

#12 Seems to be Like He Can’t Self-Diagnose Narcissism

Picture supply: Edduruk

#13 Insecurity

Picture supply: turbocoaster

#14 Solely Us Thinkers Would Perceive

Picture supply: Fleeling

#15 How Can Somebody Act So Sensible And But Be So Dumb

Picture supply: Sklts

#16 Forgot This Goldmine Courtesy Of My Greatest Pal

Picture supply: Boosted3232

#17 Wait Until This Man Finds Out About Dolphins

Picture supply: reddit.com

#18 Solely Widespread Individuals Get Excited For Issues Like The Eclipse – Neil Degrasse Tyson Version

Picture supply: lregaloni

#19 God Can’t Assist Your Iq

Picture supply: slugger35

#20 A True Historic Greek Child

Picture supply: vvredhead

#21 It’s Solely 10 Am

Picture supply: reddit.com

#22 I Texted All Of My Contacts: “Joyful New Yr!”

Picture supply: pseudo_potatoes

#23 The President

Picture supply: krasnovian

#24 I’m Not The One Being Dumb Proper ?

Picture supply: Morktorknak

#25 Dry Wit

Picture supply: YadMot

#26 When You Perceive Chemistry Jokes Even Although It’s Not Your Discipline.

Picture supply: bramblehead

#27 Setup An Previous Military Buddy With A Lady I Knew. She Messaged Me After Their Date Saying He Saved Attempting To Flex His Inteligence. Guess I Made A Mistake Pondering They Would Be A Good Match

Picture supply: WiFiPunk

#28 You Peasants

Picture supply: Johnofthesnow

#29 An Mental On Stephen Hawking’s Demise

Picture supply: StacksOfWood

#30 No Time For Tradition Dr. Jones

Picture supply: StrongbowPowers


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