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22 Good Methods To Reinvent The Stairs

22 Good Methods To Reinvent The Stairs

style=”text-align: justify;”>Many inventive inside designers and designers would leap on the alternative to reinvent and reinterpret the artery of each multi-storied house – the steps. They cling, swirl, and bend the steps, make bookcases and slides out of them, and make them look extraordinary from above in addition to beneath. The design choices are just about infinite!

style=”text-align: justify;”>Listed below are 21 examples of how such a secular a part of your house can turn into a murals and a defining a part of your house’s inside.

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Hanging Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 13

modern-stairs-interior-design- 12

Designed by: Arquitectura en Movimiento

Tree Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 18

Designed by: unknown

Understairs Area

modern-stairs-interior-design- 27

Designed by: Deriba Furniture

Timber Stripe Staircase

modern-stairs-interior-design- 8

modern-stairs-interior-design- 9

Designed by: Tetrarc

Tree Banister

modern-stairs-interior-design- 28

Designed by: Architetture del Ferro

Vivid Staircase

modern-stairs-interior-design- 17

Designed by: Hanne Fuglbjerg

Staircase In Northampton

modern-stairs-interior-design- 31

modern-stairs-interior-design- 26

Designed by: Philip Watts

Bookcase Staircase

modern-stairs-interior-design- 24

modern-stairs-interior-design- 25

Designed by: Levitate Architects

Flower Petal Staircase

modern-stairs-interior-design- 10

Designed by: Patrick Jouin

Otherworldly Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 30

Designed by: Vincent Dubourg

Spiral Slide Staircase

modern-stairs-interior-design- 5

Designed by: unknown

Lace Staircase

modern-stairs-interior-design- 14

modern-stairs-interior-design- 22

Designed by: Dust

Sloping Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 3

modern-stairs-interior-design- 4

Designed by: TAF arkitektkontor

Flat F.M. Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 6

Designed by: ecole

La Maison Distinctive Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 20

modern-stairs-interior-design- 21

Designed by: Heatherwick studio

Steep Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 16

Designed by: unknown

Staircase Slide Combo

modern-stairs-interior-design- 7

Designed by: Alex Michaelis

Area-Saving Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 11

Designed by: unknown

Sensualscaping Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 2

modern-stairs-interior-design- 1

Designed by: Atmos Studio

Office Stair Unit

modern-stairs-interior-design- 19

Designed by: Studio Mieke Meijer

Metallic Staircase

modern-stairs-interior-design- 29

Designed by: Francesco Librizzi

Library Slider Stairs

modern-stairs-interior-design- 15

modern-stairs-interior-design- 23

Designed by: Moon Hoon


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