10+ Photos Present The World The place Animals Switched Locations With People

With these parallel universe illustrations, animals are taking it upon themselves to point out the cruelty they typically must endure by the hands of people.

Our pals at Bored Panda have compiled an inventory that portrays animals and people switching roles, and the result’s slightly disturbing. Certain, it’s simpler to disregard issues once they’re not our personal, however these illustrations assist us to think about ourselves in these very actual conditions. And so they aren’t conditions you’d like to search out your self in…

We should warn you, the content material is graphic, but so is the grim actuality that these animals face.

(h/t boredpanda)

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Picture supply: Vin Paneccasio


Picture supply: Larry Torro


Picture supply: Adrian Viera


Picture supply: Larry Torro


Picture supply: damnkidyk


Picture supply: DrBonerman


Picture supply: Dan Piraro


Picture supply: Jamie Charteris


Picture supply: Christopher Golebiowski


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